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About the Solutions Center


Help with Issues Evolving from COVID-19 and Other Challenges Facing Your Organization

Solutions will provide highlights about valuable products and services addressing current and pressing issues facing members. Whether financial, clinical, marketing, HR, insurance, sanitation or other problems, you will find solutions to your challenges. You may even find discounts, helpful hints and tips, educational information and even special event notifications. Save yourself time by using this handy one-stop option to find answers or ideas.


Solutions is meant to be a resource for you to solve identified problems and to stimulate strategic thinking about what is possible in a work environment severely impacted by the worldwide pandemic. Your feedback and suggestions will be as important as the content provided. What solutions are you seeking? What questions are on the table as you seek to find the way forward from this pandemic? Let us find the resources and share so that all members can take advantage of questions and answers.


This site is basically a full Online Buyers Guide of businesses by topic who do business with providers of long term care, housing and services for aging and other special needs populations.

Remember to let us know what else you would find valuable to include in this online tool!

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