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Home & Auto

MetLife Auto and Home adds valuable choices and bundle options in one package with one bill and one deductible.  This product offers payroll deduction and can be a valuable tool for your benefits packages.

Help Your Employees Be Financially Prepared for the Unexpected


Today’s workforce is complex, which makes voluntary benefits especially important. While auto and home insurance may not be top of mind for your benefits program, these coverages provide more options for your employees to improve their financial wellness.

Time to consider?


Just like medical, premiums and out-of-pocket expenses for auto and home insurance are going

up. From auto accidents to natural disasters, there has been an increase in the severity and frequency of incidents. And without the right coverage, an accident or storm can be devastating

to your employees’ financial wellbeing. With MetLife Auto & Home®, you can give your employees access to the protection they need to stay prepared for the unexpected. And the support they

need to get back on track.

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