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Therapy Management Services


HealthPRO®-Heritage is a growing national provider of therapy management and consulting services spanning the continuum of care.

The Company is best known for clinical innovation, compliance excellence, and a unique approach to market that produces optimal outcomes for a diversified client base.

Innovation in Senior Care Models: What's Next?


New cutting-edge service delivery paradigms that had been gaining momentum prior to 2020 have been accelerated in response to the new healthcare landscape shaped by COVID-19. Improved patient experience, reduced cost of care delivery, enhanced outcomes and aversion to institutionalized care are driving these examples of care innovation.

On-Site Therapy Services: What's in it for You?

Are you maximizing what you receive from your on-site therapy partner? Uncover 5 insights to get the most out of a meaningful partnership with a trusted therapy company.

Monthly Industry Series - The PROReport Episode 27: Financially Focused

What does the financial landscape of senior services look like as we head into the last three months of 2021? How will the challenges of occupancy and census evolve and better yet, what opportunities do they offer for 2022?


Discover these answers and more in the upcoming PROReport as MARCUM and HealthPRO Heritage financial leaders provide insight on all things financial. Attendees will learn:

• Where the senior services industry stands at the end of Q3 and what to expect in Q4

• Financial trends and how providers can fiscally prepare for 2022 including upcoming challenges and opportunities • The impact of vaccine mandates on healthcare workers across the industry and what it means for staffing

5 Misconceptions About Changing Therapy Providers

Discover the top 5 misconceptions about changing therapy providers in today’s environment and learn solutions for operators wanting to make important, strategic changes for the future of their therapy department. 

4 Questions to Evaluate Your Business Partners

Discover 4 essential questions to evaluate if your current or potential therapy partner is the best fit for you to excel in 2022.

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