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Does Your Facility Struggle with Denied Medicaid Applications Resulting in Uncollectible Debt?

Studies show that a vast portion of Nursing Facility uncollectible debt nationwide is a result of inefficient Medicaid planning for residents who are in need of Medicaid for long term care - and subsequent denied Medicaid applications as a result. The solution to this problem is for Providers to have a healthy Medicaid planning structure in place to proactively mitigate risks and identify eligibility issues. This will ensure that providers have ample time to plan and strategize in advance, thus limiting surprises that arise after the application is submitted.

WATCH NOW - Demystifying Nursing Home A/R

There is a common stigma amongst Nursing Home Facilities – “the A/R struggle we are facing cannot get any better”.


15 years ago, Comprehensive A/R Solutions set out on a vision to create innovative processes and software for efficient collection of Nursing Home A/R so that Nursing Home management teams can focus their energies on the day-to-day operations while we took full responsibility for their A/R.


As of the end last year, we have been entrusted in billing over $3.3 Billion in annual revenue and have successfully collected over 99% of that amount with limited bad debt. This being in the midst of the most unprecedented year of struggle our industry has ever faced.


Being that full revenue cycle management and collections is what we breathe, eat and sleep – allow our expertise to be your gain.

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